Thursday, 18 December 2008

Nightlife and friends

Travelling with friends has its' advantages.As well as the safety in numbers aspect,we had such a great time together frequenting the bars in around the famous Reeperbahn.There were hundreds of Villa supporters around there too just enjoying the nightlife.
There was a Police prescence around the area,but we didn't see any trouble and the locals were quite laid back about everything.
As well as the nightlife,we also did some sightseeing around this beautiful city and took advantage of a few photo opportunities.
Finally,a quick mention to Robert from North Carolina whom I met in New York last month.
Thanks for the message Robert,Look forward to hearing from you in the new year.

The reason we went....

The initial point of going to Hamburg was to see Aston Villa play against SV Hamburg in the UEFA Cup.
Approximately 3000 Villa supporters went to the game and provided a great atmosphere.
The stadium was probably one of the best I've been in.It was rebuilt for the 2006 Football World Cup.
Although the result wasn't what we hoped for,the sights and sounds of the City and the stadium will live with us for a long time.

City of Hamburg

The Port City of Hamburg is a very busy and vibrant place.

At this time of year there are several Christmas Markets dotted around which provide various types of German food and drink.There is also a warm welcome awaiting you and a lovely atmosphere.The time to go is definitely in the evening when the bright lights are all at their best providing the warmth and atmosphere of the whole place.

There are some beautiful old buildings around - none more spectacular than The Rathaus in the middle of Hamburg.

Tuesday, 16 December 2008


Arrived safe and sound at Lubeck Airport just 35 miles North East of Hamburg.

The flight was an hour and fifteen minutes and it didn't bother me at all - obviously used to the "jet set" life by now.

A quick check in to the Hotel Ibis near the railway station and off out to see the sights of Hamburg.

Here's the view from my hotel room window - more photos to follow later on.