Thursday, 18 December 2008

Nightlife and friends

Travelling with friends has its' advantages.As well as the safety in numbers aspect,we had such a great time together frequenting the bars in around the famous Reeperbahn.There were hundreds of Villa supporters around there too just enjoying the nightlife.
There was a Police prescence around the area,but we didn't see any trouble and the locals were quite laid back about everything.
As well as the nightlife,we also did some sightseeing around this beautiful city and took advantage of a few photo opportunities.
Finally,a quick mention to Robert from North Carolina whom I met in New York last month.
Thanks for the message Robert,Look forward to hearing from you in the new year.

The reason we went....

The initial point of going to Hamburg was to see Aston Villa play against SV Hamburg in the UEFA Cup.
Approximately 3000 Villa supporters went to the game and provided a great atmosphere.
The stadium was probably one of the best I've been in.It was rebuilt for the 2006 Football World Cup.
Although the result wasn't what we hoped for,the sights and sounds of the City and the stadium will live with us for a long time.

City of Hamburg

The Port City of Hamburg is a very busy and vibrant place.

At this time of year there are several Christmas Markets dotted around which provide various types of German food and drink.There is also a warm welcome awaiting you and a lovely atmosphere.The time to go is definitely in the evening when the bright lights are all at their best providing the warmth and atmosphere of the whole place.

There are some beautiful old buildings around - none more spectacular than The Rathaus in the middle of Hamburg.

Tuesday, 16 December 2008


Arrived safe and sound at Lubeck Airport just 35 miles North East of Hamburg.

The flight was an hour and fifteen minutes and it didn't bother me at all - obviously used to the "jet set" life by now.

A quick check in to the Hotel Ibis near the railway station and off out to see the sights of Hamburg.

Here's the view from my hotel room window - more photos to follow later on.

Monday, 24 November 2008

Home at last....

After a very long day and some very broken sleep,am back at home in Chatteris (hello neighbours!),myself and Lenny are relaxing and enjoying our new souvenirs and a nice English cup of tea.This is not the end of my travels though.A trip to Hamburg is the next port of call in December followed by a trip to Ireland sometime in January.The name of the blog may need to change but who cares....Travel will be my salvation (and a place in the Champions League please Mr.O'Neill),there is a whole world to look at - it's about time I started looking at it.

Thank You to everyone who shared my trip - I was thinking about you all - occasionally!

Coming next......Hamburg.

Cast of thousands - all right then lots!

Thank You to all the following - you all made my trip the most memorable ever - clink on the link to listen to Neil Diamond's "America" (below)

Memphis :
The Heartbreak Hotel and all it's staff
Elvis Presley Enterprises for allowing us in to pay our respects to Elvis
Elvis Presley
The Doubletree Hilton Hotel,Memphis
Memphis Grizzlies and New York Knicks basketball teams
Backbeat Tours of Memphis
"Memphis Jackson" - what a tour that was!
All the bartenders on Beale Street
Britney - barmaid at The Flying Saucer bar,Memphis (remember the picture?)
New York City:
Rumours bar on 8th Avenue
All the people I met there - (from a blurred memory!) - Andy,Gary and Fran - bar staff,Robert from North Carolina,Sharon and daughters from Belfast,Kate from London (up the toffees!),Beverly Falk from New York City and countless others!
Michael Robinson and Tim Sohn ex Kings College.
Keith,Elise and Molene
Vijay and Heather
Hotel Grand Union,East 32nd Street
The Empire State Building - my second favourite building in the world (my first favourite?...Up The Villa!!)
Officer Doughty of the NYPD
The Brooklyn Bridge
And finally The New York Giants.
I have probably missed someone out but rest assured anyone or anything I came into contact with made my whole journey memorable.

A place to enjoy

This is the bar on 8th Avenue that I frequented the most during my trip.
Rumours shows seven screens of whatever sports are on offer,good food and probably the most fantastic bar staff in New York City.
One night I was all the way Downtown and dedcided to get the Subway all the way up to 53rd just to get to this bar.
I managed to meet lots of great people there from all over the USA and Europe - obviously word has got round about this place.
It will officially be my first port of call on (hopefully) all future visits to New York.
As you can see,the drinks were flowing and I spent my last few hours here on my last day.

Friday, 21 November 2008

Circle of Manhattan

There is an excellent tour you can do by boat.
The Circle line will take you right around the City of New York and gives you a running commentary at the same time.The Commentary was done by a native New Yorker whose attitude was spot on and very very real life!
Ellis Island,The Statue of Liberty and pics of the City are there to be had in vast numbers!
It looks nice and sunny on the river there doesn't it? Let me tell you that it was absolutely freezing out there but highly enjoyable.

Brooklyn Bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge is another icon associated with New York.
It is a busy road bridge connecting to (funnily enough) Brooklyn.
There is also a walkway over the bridge which takes around 15-20 mins to get over.
There are some great shots of New York City from there - especially when you walk back in the dark.Unfortunately my camera isn't the greatest so the night shots were very few and far between - hopefully I'll be able to get a friend to email some night shots - her camera so much better than mine!

Thursday, 20 November 2008

Night Life

Wandering around New York City in the early hours is interesting too.
The people you meet are great and I feel very safe here.
Officer Dougherty was very friendly and allowed me to take a couple of pictures right before she arrested me for being drunk in charge of a camera!

The Tourist Trap

No trip to New York would be complete without a trip up to The Empire State Building.
The views are incredible and it is VERY cold up there.
Unfortunately Meg Ryan didn't show up but as you can see I did meet another bird whilst up there!
The United Nations alongside the East River was also interesting and well worth a visit if anyone has plans to come here.

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Times Square and nights out with new friends

Times Square is legendary.Night time is when it comes alive with all the neon and the noise.
No matter what time of day,there is still busy traffic going up and down Broadway.
Away from that,I met an old friend of mine from Kings College,Michael,who took me to Katzs' Deli which is where Meg Ryan faked her orgasm in "When Harry met Sally".Amazing sandwiches - I ended up taking mine back to my hotel and ate it at 5am this morning!
After that,we had a few beers and met up with another Kings College old boy,Tim.
He brought some friends with him who were great fun to be with - Keith,Elise and Molene (sorry if I've spelt that wrong!). Never did get to the Empire State building,but it will definitely happen later on today - if I'm awake in enough time to take in the England v Germany game as well that is!

Daviiiiiid Letterman !!!

The David Letterman show is legendary viewing on US TV.
I was lucky enough to get a ticket.One of the guests was Carla Bruni.
To see her appearance click on this link - make sure your speakers are on....
President elect Obama wasn't on the show but I thought I'd show it you anyway to show the pulling power of this show.

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Family Stateside

Met up with someone who I guess could be called my brother - Vijay and his girlfriend Heather.
We had a wonderful meal in a Brazillian restraunt and a few beers in midtown New York.
After they left I again called in to a few bars and watched the Cleveland Browns beat the Buffalo Bills.
Listening to a jukebox playing Elvis and Frank Sinatra in the middle of the night is great stuff!
Am off to the David Letterman show later which I am very excited about.
Tomorrows pictures will feature shots taken from The Empire State Building - if I'm lucky,maybe Meg Ryan will show up!

Monday, 17 November 2008

New York

Have got to New York and to be honest,my feet have barely touched the ground - I had forgotten what a crazy city this is!
Yesterday I achieved a long time ambition of mine to go and see the New York Giants play at Giants Stadium in New Jersey.
People actually go to the stadium car park and just hang out - and they don't actually go to the game.I forget the name of this past time but they really seem to be enjoying themselves!